binaryriot proudly presents:
A surprisingly fruity puzzle game for the MorphOS desktop.
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 About the Game 

Shuffle is an addictive implementation of the famous Sliding Block Puzzle, often also known as 15 Puzzle. The goal is to slide randomly arranged tiles back to their home position. A level is solved when all tiles are arranged back into correct order.

Unlock new levels with cool 3D images by solving already available levels, beating best times or scores.

Shuffle will challenge you for months each time you have or need a little break: Play it while you wait for your download to finish, while there is a commercial break during C.S.I., when there is just dead silence on the #morphos IRC channel or if you have another reason to kill some time.

 Features at a Glance 

· Four levels available right from the start.
· Many different challenges to unlock another 35 levels.
· Award-winning ray-tracing graphics.
· Fully animated tile sliding and shuffling.
· Slide multiple tiles at the same time.
· Replay mode.
· 100% multitasking friendly Magic User Interface GUI.
· Cool sound effects (needs Reggae).
· 100% style guide conform.
· Completely localized.

 Supports Your Language 

Thanks to many helpful translators Shuffle is available in 11 languages. Besides built-in English following languages are supported:

· German (game and documentation)
· Polish (game)
· Russian (game and documentation)
· Dutch (game and documentation)
· French (game)
· Italian (game)
· Hungarian (game)
· Finnish (game)
· Swedish (game)
· Czech (game)


· MorphOS 1.4.2 or better
· Magic User Interface v4 *
· Lamp.mcc v20 (included)
· Aboutbox.mcc v20 (included)
· Reggae v51 or better (optional)

· Pegasos 1, Pegasos 2, EFIKA or
· Commodore Amiga with PowerUP accelerator
· 4 MB free hard-disk space
· 10 MB free RAM

Shuffle is no longer available for purchase and/ or supported separately. A demo version of Shuffle is part of all releases of MorphOS 2.0 or better. The features of the registered version of Shuffle will be available automatically as soon a valid MorphOS 2.x key-file is installed.

Thanks a lot to all people who bought Shuffle!


Updated webpage with latest information.

Shuffle 1.14 update available for all registered users.

Shuffle sales stopped to avoid spoiling of customers in case of unexpected MorphOS 2.0 release.

Shuffle 1.10 released.

Shuffle 1.9 released.

Shuffle 1.8 released.

Shuffle 1.7 released.

Another Shuffle Video available on YouTube demonstrating the new replay feature.

Shuffle Video available on YouTube showing a 38s record play of level #1 (yes, beating a level in 60s or less is possible contrary to popular belief).

Shuffle 1.5 available for purchase

Shuffle 1.1 available for beta testers

© 2007-2009 Christian Rosentreter. All rights reserved.

*) As the time of writing MUI v4 is only available as a beta release for MorphOS 1.4. You can get it e.g. from here. There might be a newer release available already; avoid releases from 2009 or later. Please check common MorphOS news sources for more information.